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Book a Classic Wallaby, Classic Wallaroo or Classic AU 7s Player

Need a rugby personality as a guest speaker, coach, ambassador or to feature in your next marketing campaign?

We can help you connect with a former Wallabies, Wallaroos or 7s player from any era to make your next event or activity a success.

Whether you’re a school, rugby club, charity, business, professional organisation, advertising agency, or anyone else wanting to secure the services of a Classic Wallaby, Classic Wallaroo or Classic AU 7s Womens or Mens player, fill out some info in the form below and we can begin checking availability. It only takes a couple of minutes, so get started now or scroll down for more info.

How it works


Complete your booking request including preferred player(s), required date(s), location and budget. We’ll then send your request direct to the right players.


We’ll respond to you in a timely fashion with details of the available player(s). You decide who you want to work with and we confirm the booking.


Give yourself a pat on the back and plan the rest of your event or activation knowing that this part is done!

Budget Guide

This is always a tough one on both sides. We know budgets are always tight, especially when this is for a fundraising event. We know that most current and former players also hate having the conversation around payment. And they all want to give back to the game when and wherever they can.

But securing the right person can really have a positive impact on your event or activity. And our membership of former Wallabies and Wallaroos are no longer professional athletes, usually working full-time and with other commitments. So they need to take time away from these things to be available for your appearance, and there is most certainly a value on this.

We don’t set prices and can help you find a ‘Classic’ to suit any budget. We have worked with budgets ranging from $0 to over $25,000. Naturally, the bigger the budget, the more likely it is that you will get higher profile applicants, so we recommend providing your maximum budget.

When you submit your budget and preferred player(s), we will pass this on to them to consider the opportunity. Even if that budget is $0. And we’ll also give others the opportunity to apply, based on your requirements.

Budget isn’t the only factor in a player’s decision to accept an opportunity. They may well accept if the opportunity aligns with their passions, interest and experience.

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